EUCANCan aimed to enable and facilitate efficient analysis, management and sharing of cancer genomic data. The consortium worked on several tools to achieve these objectives.

Besides the provision of a uniform computing environment for the processing, harmonization and secure sharing of cancer genome and phenome data in the context of clinical research, the EUCANCan portal, the consortium developed additional tools to harmonise protocols, define community standards for data elements, types and formats, and provide an open and accessible database for searching cancer clinical trials based on various filter options such as tumor type or biomarkers.

The following resources provided by the EUCANCan consortium have been made available:


To help EUCANCan’s goal to harmonize data sharing between institutions and research Centers in Europe and Canada, Philippe Hupé and his team at Institut Curie in Paris, France, developed geniac, a tool running on Nextflow which focuses on benchmarking different pipelines.

Onco Trials Track

This public online platform aims to simplify the recruitment of patients to cancer clinical trials. It allows for filtering cancer clinical trials based on tumour type, biomarkers, research centre, etcetera. The platform was developed by Dr Rodrigo Dienstmann and his team at Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) in Barcelona, Spain.


A list of all scientific publications of the EUCANCan consortium.