The EUCAN ELSI Collaboratory: A platform...

How medical data can be safely shared between research units is a highly topical issue. The issue is central to both EUCANCan’s Work Package 6 and the EUCAN ELSI Collaboratory, a cross-project collaboration consisting of seven Horizon 2020-funded research projects. In this article, Prof. Pilar Nicolás talks about her work in EUCANCan and how the […]

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The European Commission launches Europe’s Beating...

In 2020, 2.7 million people in the European Union were diagnosed with cancer, and another 1.3 million people lost their lives to the disease. Without reversing current trends, cancer cases are estimated to increase by 24% by 2035, making it the leading cause of death in the EU. To turn the tide against cancer, the […]

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Webinar recap: New IT approaches in...

To start the new year on a positive note, EUCANCan hosted the webinar ‘New IT approaches in genome analysis’ together with ESPACE, another Horizon 2020-funded health research project, on January 11. The event was moderated by Christian Lawerenz (Steinbeis). The three-hour-long webinar began with a brief introduction of EUCANCan and ESPACE by David Torrents (Barcelona […]

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EUCANCan and ESPACE to host joint...

Is improving your cloud data management skills or learning more about how you can effectively clean data in a data processing pipeline your New Year’s resolution for 2021? In that case, you may consider registering for EUCANCan and ESPACE’s one-day training workshop ”How to use cloud computing efficiently in biomedical research” on January 12, 2021, […]

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EUCANCan and ESPACE host joint webinar...

To give 2021 a bright start, EUCANCan has teamed up with ESPACE, another research project funded under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, to host the webinar “New IT approaches in genome analysis” on January 11, 2-5pm CET. The webinar will look at medical IT systems role in industry-academia collaborations in the health care sector. […]

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Recap of EUCANCan’s 1st Health Policy...

This Tuesday, November 3, EUCANCan hosted the webinar “International Data Sharing of Cancer Genomic Data,” moderated by Prof Lincoln Stein from the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, scientific Coordinator of EUCANCan’s Canadian branch.  Close to 50 policymakers and members of the scientific community joined the webinar.  Below is a recap of the event, which had […]

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Publication update: Prof Bartha M. Knoppers...

EUCANCan’s consortium is passionate about disseminating its knowledge about opportunities and challenges with sharing health data across countries and research institutions. Prof Bartha M. Knoppers from the McGill University in Montreal, Canada, has been very active in recent months and co-authored two publications. One article, titled Ethical challenges of precision cancer medicine has been published […]

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First-ever EUCANCan community engagement webinar scheduled...

The EUCANCan consortium will be hosting a free webinar titled International Data Sharing of Cancer Genomic Data: Challenges and Opportunities at 3-5 pm CET on November 3, 2020. The EUCANCan consortium is highly committed to strengthening community engagement in the field of healthcare data sharing and management. One way in which the consortium aims to […]

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EUCANCan’s communication team launches joint newsletter...

The members of EUCANCan’s work package 7, Dissemination and Exploitation, work closely with their colleagues in the five other projects that were funded under the same Horizon2020 call, SC1-BHC-05-2018. Today, September 23, the EUCAN Communication & Dissemination Group sent out its first newsletter. The comprehensive update included, among other things, a series of interviews with […]

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After Schrems II: EUCANCan colleagues discuss...

The September edition of the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health’s (GA4GH’s) monthly newsletter, the GDPR Brief, examines the ramifications of the European Court of Justice’s Schrems II judgment on 16 July 2020. The brief focuses primarily on how the new decision can lead to strengthened obligations on anyone transferring data out of the European Economic […]

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