The EUCAN Dissemination and Communication Group publishes its third newsletter

We are delighted to share with you the third and most recent edition of the EUCAN Cluster Newsletter.

The EUCANCan consortium collaborates actively with the six other projects that received funding under the same call Horizon 2020 call, SC1-BHC-05-2018. There are several cross-project working groups such as the EUCAN Dissemination & Communication Group (D&C) and the EUCAN Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects (ELSI) Collaboratory. Members of both groups have now teamed up to host a joint webinar on October 29, focused on the importance of active stakeholder engagement in international data sharing.

More information about the webinar titled “Involving stakeholders in international data sharing: How to ensure transparency and accountability” can be found in the October 2021 edition of the EUCAN D&C Newsletter and on the webinar landing page, on the CINECA project’s website.

Beyond recommendations for relevant upcoming events, the latest edition of the EUCAN Newsletter featured a series of articles from each of the projects in the EUCAN Cluster and a list of recent publications by the consortia.

The newsletter included three articles by members of the EUCANCan consortium:

  • Geniac: documentation for streamlined prototyping and management of bioinformatics pipelines
    After two years of intense work, Philippe Hupé of Institut Curie in Paris, France, and his team published the geniac documentation this summer. Geniac’s public webpage provides a comprehensive set of guidance documents and tools that help bioinformaticians and statisticians to harmonize how they prototype, develop and manage pipelines to analyze high-throughput data. Read more »
  • Onco Trials Track Streamlines Patient Recruitment for Cancer Clinical Trials
    Onco Trials Track is a public online platform where patients and their clinicians can filter cancer clinical trials based on tumour type, biomarkers, research centre, etcetera. The platform aims to simplify the recruitment of patients to cancer clinical trials. Read more »
  • EUCANCan Annual Meeting 2021
    The EUCANCan consortium got together virtually for a two-day annual meeting on May 20-21. The goal of the meeting was to take stock of the project’s progress to date and discuss upcoming milestones. Representatives of all EUCANCan’s 18 partners from Canada and Europe participated in the meeting, which was led by the Coordinator Dr David Torrents of Barcelona Supercomputing Center. Read more » 

You can read the full October 2021 edition of the EUCAN newsletter here.

The fourth edition of the newsletter is scheduled for early March 2022. Stay tuned for more updates on the projects in the EUCAN cluster and insights into international health data sharing.