The EUCAN Dissemination and Communication Group publishes its second joint newsletter

The EUCANCan consortium collaborates actively with the six other projects that received funding under the same Horizon 2020 call, SC1-BHC-05-2018. Previous articles on the EUCANCan website have covered the WP7 team’s work in the EUCAN Dissemination and Communication Group (D&C group) and the members of WP6’s engagement in the EUCAN ELSI Collaboratory, which provides a platform for knowledge exchange between ethical legal experts.

EUCANCan’s communication team coordinates the monthly meetings of the EUCAN D&C Group, consisting of representatives from CINECA, EUCANCan, EUCAN-ConnecteuCanSHareiReceptor Plus, and ReCoDID (a brief introduction to each of these projects can be found here). The group launched a joint six-monthly newsletter in September 2020. The first edition included a series of interviews with the EUCAN projects’ respective coordinators, including one with EUCANCan’s Coordinator Prof David Torrents of the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC) in Spain.

The second edition of the EUCAN D&C newsletter

The second edition of the newsletter was sent out on March 26 this year. This edition featured several interviews with members of the project consortia, including one with Prof Pilar Nicolás of the University of the Basque Country in Leioa, Spain, about her work with EUCANCan’s WP6 and the EUCAN ELSI Collaboratory.

In addition to the interview with Prof Pilar Nicolas, EUCANCan contributed two articles to the newsletter:

Furthermore, the newsletter included a list of recent publications by the EUCAN projects’ consortia and information about upcoming events arranged by the projects.

The third edition of the EUCAN D&C newsletter is scheduled for September 2021. The next newsletter aims to take stock of their performance to date and provide an overview of their upcoming milestones.