EUCANCan consortium members contributing to new Nature publication “Cancer Catalogued”

In its first February Issue of 2020, Nature published the integrative analysis of more than 2,600 whole cancer genomes and their matching normal tissues across 38 tumor types as their cover story “Cancer catalogued”. The groundbreaking analysis is presented in six papers by the Pan-Cancer Analysis of Whole Genomes (PCAWG) consortium.

The EUCANCan partners OICR, DKFZ & Charite, IC, BRC and CNAG contributed to the pioneering research leading to this Nature Special Issue. The new insights on evolution and structural variation, evolutionary trajectories and transcriptome data of cancer genomes will allow to explore biological drivers of tumour development. These papers provide a valuable resource for exploring biological changes, which affect the development of tumours and offer an interesting new perspective on the genetic complexity of cancer. You can find out more and access all 6 papers via this link.